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Stroller Etiquette

Written on September 27, 2005 by Kevin.

A recent NYTimes story entitled Supersize Strollers Ignite Sidewalk Drama laid out that most people do not like the superwide strollers. They say that $700 strollers are being used as a type of battering ram to get from one place to another in a quicker manner. I would agree that double wide strollers can certainly be a bit bulky in some situations. I don't recall ever seen a triple long stroller in person but I imagine it looks like a tank of some sort. Many people have nicknamed these superwide strollers as hummers and relate them to people who buy SUVs so they can mow down anything that gets in their way (let me know when they have a stroller with a turret on it and ill pick one up).
If a double wide or a triple long stroller just doesn't meet your needs, try one of these. BergDesign has come up with a steel welded strollers for 2 to 6 children. While these are impressive, I don't know where you could get away with using one.

My wife can agree that when it comes down to it, I don't like other people to be irritated because of me. I am a person who if I see people behind me at a self check-out line, I will speed up to get the job done quicker. I would ask for the same respect if I was behind someone as well. This goes hand in hand with strollers. There is a certain etiquette that I am beginning to see as I get closer to delivery date.

While recently out shopping, I began to see things parents do with their strollers that either irritate me or simply want me to pat them on their back. Here are a few stroller etiquette rules that I have come up with.


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