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The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

Written on September 12, 2005 by Kevin.

The Challenge

I am dedicated towards being a dad that will be there for my son and want to make sure his life is a good as it can be. Because of this, I have attempted to sample 5 different babyfood flavors to see for myself, which ones are edible, and which ones are certainly not. Please do not try this at home as side-effects may occur.

The Tests - Rated 1 to 5 (5 being best) unless otherwise stated.

Smell: That initial whiff after opening the jar can be overwhelming.
Taste: The taste is indescribable on all but the dessert foods.
Appearance: The appearance of the food can go from thick and clumpy to very wet. The color also fell into this category.
After Taste: Sometimes, time doesnt heal problems. Like the problem of a bad taste in your mouth.
Gag Reflex: Simply put, this measures the possibility of vomiting. Rated 1 to 5 (5 being least likely to vomit)

The Verdict

The results were not necessarily unpredictable. As shown in the following image, the vanilla custard clearly beat out all of the other baby food flavors. The creamed spinach nearly made me throw up twice and because of that I was forced to give it a negative rating on the Gag Reflex test. It is easy to see that babies will likely enjoy the dessert foods better than a main course and certainly the sides.

Final Comments

There are many flavors and brands of baby food and while I only sampled 5 of them (thank god), it is possible that other people/babies may have a taste for them. It may be a good idea to let your child sample different flavors but please for the sake of your child, stay clear of the creamed spinach. I understand that babies taste buds are still in the deveopment stage so some of these flavors that I did not like may be taken well by an infant. None the less, I dont understand why baby food must taste so bad. Maybe I should prepare now and learn how to make my own baby food.

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This was too funny, I hope your child appreciates the effort. I am excited for you! It's getting close.

Written by Gia on Sep 12, 2005

I can barely stand the smell of some of those, let alone try to taste them.

You're a better person, man.

Actually, my mother reminded me that I hated that stuff as a baby. She had to make homemade mashed food for me. You'd think she'd like that I was finicky but 30 years later, she's still reminding me what a pain in the ass I was.

Are you planning to taste breast milk too? That wigs me out a bit as well.

Written by pantrygirl on Sep 13, 2005

okay, my friend said "i had to read your blog, because you are soooo funny." but i just have to say and i'm not a foodie by any means(okay maybe a little) you are tasting the worst baby food out there! of course that food is going to suck, it's left over food that they could only sell all mashed up. if you want to do your baby a big favor give him real food. either by making it your self or buying organic food in not so weird flavors. simple is best! if you want some suggestions on flavor combo's or how to make baby food, just ask. good luck and congrats on your newest addition. babies rock bad food doesn't!

Written by seattle mommy on Sep 13, 2005

I'm wondering if you were tempted to cheat and add
a little salt, which then puts baby food into a whole different arena.

Written by aws3100 on Sep 18, 2005

I have to agree with seattle mommy. Real food tastes good! On a couple of occasions I have bought organic baby food, but I make my own and my baby (and myself) both love it. The baby food out there has more fillers and water than actual food! A baby food processor is all you need, and it only take 5-10 min to make a meal...

Written by happymommy on Sep 18, 2005

He he, my older one loved the mashed carrots, just the smell and the colour of it was enough to .. well you get the picture. Then I am also extremely proud of having managed to keep an absolutely straight face for years, as they both demand cod liver oil and love it, I canīt stand the smell of it yet I feed it to them and donīt balk at oily kisses afterwards ... after all itīs healty right ;-)

Written by Gunnella on Sep 19, 2005

I have twins and your test reminded me of why we make our own. It's pretty easy and of course all food is edible for both parents and children. I season some stuff lightly, too...Good luck

Written by twindad on Sep 19, 2005

haha, sounds like you had fun xD and don't worry, i'll be sure to steer clear of the creamed spinach ;)

Written by liv on Jun 27, 2006


Written by Moola on Sep 1, 2006

LMAO babies have a diffent taste in food !

Written by Sarah on Sep 22, 2007

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