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The shoes have shrunk..

Written on September 29, 2005 by Kevin.

Elephant Feet.My wife's shoes seem to get smaller and smaller everyday. For some reason she just cant seem to fit into them as she used too, say 5 months ago. Of course that would likely be due to the fact that my wife's ankles have completely disappeared and instead been replaced with gallons of excess water. My wife likes to refer to her feet as elephant feet. While they are quite inflated, I wouldn't go as far to say they look like elephant feet. She seems to have a terrible time putting her shoes on to leave the house and I wouldn't be surprised if the tedious shoe process has now added 3-5 minutes of waiting time before we get to finally leave. I am however quite impressed that she has increased 2 shoe sizes in about 5 months. I can now see why so many women stick with sandals near the end of their pregnancy.


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