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Circumcision + belly button stump, ouch.

Written on October 31, 2005 by Kevin.

The day has come when little Rylan will become circumcised. I hope that subconsciously he doesn't associated Halloween with pain. Apparently, these days they do not perform the circumcision at the hospitals after birth as often as they used too. A 2 week delay is now the common time frame it seems. I know that the doctor will be using some form of local anesthesia however It makes me cringe to know that my son will purposely be cut. Not only cut but in a place that a knife should never be close too. However the benefits of my son being circumcised certainly outweigh any of the temporary pain that he may encounter. The big benefit of helping to prevent a certain cancer is certainly an important matter to look into.

Rylan's umbilical cord stump still has not fallen off and it lays there dangling by a few bits. Every time we change his diaper it gets knocked a bit (unintentionally). Sometimes he cries, sometimes he does not. We are still uncertain whether or not it hurts him at all when it gets snagged. We noticed a bit of blood one evening after taking him out of the carrier. Seems as though that was the first night of many that it has gotten bumped, battered or grabbed. I was hoping that it would be off by the time the circumcision rolled around simply due to the fact of having to deal with 2 issues at once. Unless it happens to fall off on the way to the doctor, it looks like we are going to have to keep an eye on both of them carefully. Luckily though, the doctors appointment is today so she can take a look at his belly button and make sure everything is on track.


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