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DIY outlet covers

Written on October 7, 2005 by Kevin.

Yet another posts about duct tape. Many of the child proof devices used to keep kids out of things they should not be fiddling with are plain ol' ugly. Ask 10 parents if they like the look of power outlet plugs and they will likely tell you they are hideous. Lifehacker once again thinks outside the box and suggest using the new breed of duct tape. Transparent duct tape that is. Simply cover the outlets with the transparent tape and hide those plastic plugs away. This new duct tape is said to last 6x longer than conventional grey duct tape and possibilities of this is endless. I wonder what other uses this clear duct tape could be used for around the house.

Duct Tape Your Outlets via Lifehacker


I don't mind the look of outlet plugs. My issue is how damned difficult they are for adults to remove. Some brands require long nails, or a pocket knife.

Written by AJ on Oct 7, 2005

That's a good idea.

Written by Lisa on Oct 9, 2005

WOW that is a great idea! Wish they had that out when my kids were little.


Written by Skittles on Oct 10, 2005

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