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Feeding and Diaper Tracker

Written on October 27, 2005 by Kevin.

Food and Diaper Tracker
With a newborn baby it is especially important that they are receiving an adequate amount of food. Regardless whether you are natural feeding or using formula, it is important to track the intake of food. How much a baby eats is in direct relation to how many diapers changes that are required each day. Generally speaking, the amount of diaper changes per day will depend on the amount of food that your baby takes in. Newborns that feed naturally will tend to eat more as the milk is easier to digest than formula is. Babies that are receiving plenty amount of food can expect 3+ soiled diapers and 7+ wet diapers per day. A wet diaper alone is however not a 100% sure way to determine whether or not your baby is getting enough liquids. Even dehydrated babies can pee throughout the day. Soiled diapers and weight measurement are the best way to determine your baby is on the right track.

In an attempt to help my wife and I judge whether or not Rylan is receiving enough, I have created this small Food and Diaper Tracker. Simply click the image to the right, print out and use it to track your feedings and necessary diaper changes. Hopefully it can help determine whether or not a baby is receiving enough and let the parents worry about something else.


The Feeding and Diaper Tracker are a great idea! My daughter is 18 months and we've used one similar to what you have created since day 1. And, of course, I've saved them all. They really come in handy when they start solids to keep track of new foods. It also cuts down on the frequency of poop-consistancy conversations that I have with my husband. It's all in the log. Keep it up!

Written by Cat on Oct 27, 2005

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