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He's a big one.

Written on October 13, 2005 by Kevin.

On Tuesday my wife had the opportunity to have a fourth ultrasound which turned out to be a bit of a fun one I hear. Unfortunately I was not able to go with her but I definitely got to see the picture that she received. It turns out that my son is camera shy and will not show his face however he is all for showing 'other stuff'. We have a definite confirmation that we are having a baby boy. There is no doubt in our minds now.
Fat baby on StorkThe reason for the ultrasound was to make sure the baby was safe due to my wife's belly showing bigger than it normally would be. After working their magic, they say the baby currently shows around 7lbs 11oz, however it is not uncommon for the ultrasound machine to be off by a complete pound. So we may already have a 8lb baby on our hands. With all of the pregnancy issues my wife has been having, we are were hoping that the labor and delivery would make up for it all, however that doesn't seem to be the case. I cannot imagine delivering a 6lb baby, but an 8lb baby is gonna be hell I imagine.

My wife has spoken to her doctor and it is not locked in but they are looking to possibly induce my wife on the 20th. One day short of the due date that they have given us. Lets hope that we don't even need to make it to the 20th and my wife can have the baby as planned.


think 8lbs bad huh when my mom had me i was 11 lbs
10ozs but if your really worried about it just get the shot and make sure you have alot of entercourse like a month befor the baby is due
it really helps

Written by jacob on Mar 22, 2008

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