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Krypt Kiddies

Written on October 13, 2005 by Kevin.

You would think that after the multiple Chucky movies, people would know not to bring a demented looking doll into their home. These dolls however make Chucky look like a Boy Scout. You have a choice between a handmade or store bought doll from Spencer's Gifts. No doubt, a perfect gift for your young child (company gives a disclaimer about small parts not suitable for children). Nothing says Happy Halloween more than the look on your kids face as they pee their pants in pure terror. I can almost feel the power of the Devil gripping my soul as I write this.

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Uh yeah, I'm sure the kids will love them.

As will the psychiatrists of the world who will rake in the bucks when they're traumatized.

Written by OldGuy on Oct 14, 2005

I donīt think they were made for children. They were made by horror fans, to horror fans.It has nothing to do with the devil.Actually, There are Christians, Catholiques who love the dolls.

Written by Ema Carvalho on Dec 16, 2005

... And actually, they are not so scary.

Written by Ema Carvalho on Dec 22, 2005

I was sarcastic when I said that the devil was gripping my soul. I agree that they are not "scary" and if I had the opportunity I would purchase one. Furthermore, I do understand that these are not geared towards children.

Written by Kevin on Dec 22, 2005

I have a 2 year old and he has a Krypt Kiddie. Absolutly loves the doll. Where ever he goes so does his doll. On the other hand my husband is terrified of the thing.

Written by Marijane on Mar 19, 2006

i love those little creatures they are so cute cottoncandy is my favorite well bye!!!!

Written by Elana on Sep 3, 2006

both my 5 year old daughter and myself love these sinister lil' creatures. she has 3 of them already! does anyone know how I can get some online without needing to use a credit card though cause the stores around us no longer sell krypt kiddies. any help would be appreciated.

Written by cherry on Nov 14, 2006

You can check for them on Ebay, alot of people still accept money orders or checks or for handmade(and quite a bit more expensive, but well worth it) ones

Written by Tessa on Oct 9, 2008

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