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Pimp my toddler car.

Written on October 27, 2005 by Kevin.

I was perusing the web yesterday when I came across a great forum for crafters. People of all ages seemed to be members and they had some great ideas and suggestions for DIY crafts. Call me what you want but I enjoy doing some crafts and now with a son, my wife and I can do them with him. I grew up with my mom making crafts and selling them so I am very well adjusted to them. Anyways, one of the featured projects caught my eye as its nearly Halloween and this one women decided to pimp out her sons Little Tikes car. Its said that the car matches with his Halloween costume which I can only assume is a pimp outfit. The women makes a good point though and gives a warning about spray painting the plastic even with 'child safe' paint as it does seem to flake off easily. None the less, this kid likely has the best little car on the block, at least until her pulls it all apart.

Check our her forum post and then check out the rest of the forum for other great ideas.


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