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Pregnancy Update.

Written on October 4, 2005 by Kevin.

My weekend began early after I had to leave home from work to take my wife to the hospital. The weekend went a bit more smoothly and we enjoyed the chance to go garage sale hunting and even went to the horse races. My wife enjoyed yet another night of swimming and generally, we had a nice weekend. Yesterday however, after returning from work, it appeared that the baby had not been moving as much as in the past so after a bit we decided it would be best to go to the hospital. After being hooked up to the monitor and the baby getting a buzzing, everything looked fine. I am not certain what the average amount of times a women goes to the hospital to get things looked at, but we have been there already 5 times. Maybe that just means we are protective parents, maybe paranoid, but either way, its better to be safe. My wife has not dilated any further than she was before. In the past when the doctor said the baby was about 2 weeks bigger than he should have been, we went to get the ultrasound to confirm that. It turns out now though that at her last doctors appointment, the baby was still at 37 weeks which means the time made up for the size difference. The baby is now at the right size at the right time. Her doctors appointment today should confirm that the baby is still at the right growth pace.


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