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Written on October 11, 2005 by Kevin.

While surfing some parenting forums, I found a quick review on the Mighty-Tite by Sunshine Kids. The concept of this product is to make sure your car seat is as tight as possible. My wife and I have tested our car seat in the car and the carrier base simply doesn't want to cooperate. The base has a movement of at least 4 inches on each side. That is simply not acceptable by our standards or the local inspectors. When I saw the review for this seat belt tightener I thought that it may be the answer I was looking for but I figured I would do a bit more research on it. The first thing that caught my eye is the numerous complaints from members on One woman reports that her local fire department refused to install it as they said after-market items are not safe. Another woman was also told from a police officer that the item was not safe and in fact had broken while being installed. On the flip side however, maybe people have used the product for years without issues.

My parents and their parents before them didn't have one benefit to raising a child. They did not have the ability to have product reviews at their fingertips. The ability to see peoples general opinions and possible issues with products prior to purchasing makes parenting easier on you and the checkbook. Websites like have near daily reviews on products that he has first hand experience with. Who ever said the Internet was worthless?


I babysit for a fireman's son and him & his wife use that device with no complaints. It makes the carseat stay right in place (doesn't move side to side). In my opinion, it is safe and worth having.

Written by Julie on Oct 11, 2005

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