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Rylan's gassy pediatrician

Written on October 24, 2005 by Kevin.

On Thursday, we took little Rylan to his first checkup outside of the hospital. Unfortunately we were not able to see his normal pediatrician however my wife sure seemed to enjoy the replacement. My wife can best describe this doctor as a mix between Bill Cosby and Barnie. Rylan didn't seem to mind him either and let the doctor do a full checkup without crying a peep. I can definitely agree that the doctor was nice however I did not feel as comfortable with him as I did with our normal pediatrician. He seemed to fumble his words more than even I could.

Anyways, let me explain the title of this post. While finishing up the checkup, I was standing next to the doctor and my wife was sitting in a chair nearby. While the doctor was talking with us, out of nowhere, he farted. Now babies do fart and so do adults but I am 100% certain it was not me nor Rylan who did it. The only one left to be blamed was the doctor. He went on talking without even a pause. I applaud him for continuing to talk without disruption. It takes a true professional to do such a thing. How would you react to your child's doctor openly farting next to your and your child? Would you feel disgusted and find another doctor?

On a side note, one thing that many parents look for in a pediatrician's office is whether or not they keep sick children away from healthy ones. While initially I was happy with the fact that they had 2 doors, one for each type of child, it became clear to me that the doors led to the same place. They had 2 rooms, connected by a short hallway where the office staff sat. It would be further unlikely that each room has a separate air conditioning system. A definite false security if you ask me.



I think I would've tried not to laugh and then bust out laughing when he left the room. I can't believe the doctor was so 'professional' about it unless he wasn't sure who tooted either or he does it all the time and doesn't care whom he makes gag from the stink.

I agree with you on the false sense of security the office seems to provide with the duel rooms.
Then again I'm also the type that believes that kids can get others sick without running a fever. I personally think any kid visibly ill or states that they feel ill should be kept in a 'sick class' or sent home so other students aren't subjected to the illness any further. I also believe that laws should be changed to reflect that 'fact', so parents could keep children home and not be afraid of punishment for it. The 'system' should also allow parents to either stay home more with their sick children or make it easier for them to find educational based care in a home setting until they are well.

Be glad gassy Dr. isn't your real Dr.

Written by Jessica on Oct 24, 2005

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