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Tag, you're it

Written on October 6, 2005 by Kevin.

I am not one normally to pass on chain letters (except that one time when I was a kid I started my own) and the blog version of it doesn't fair better. In most cases I would consider them additional unnecessary information to weed through to get to the good stuff of a website. However when your blog finally does get tagged, it feels like a bit of accomplishment. Like someone enjoys my site enough(or not enough) to tag me.

It seems most chain letters say you will die if you don't pass the letter on to X amount of people. AJ from however tagged me with the curse of writers block if I fail to recite the fifth sentence from my ninth posting. The joke is on AJ though because rarely do I actually know what to write about. I live in a land of writers block. But none the less, I will participate.

My 9th post was titled Cat tested, Father not-approved in which case I talked about how my oldest cat finding her way into the recently purchased baby bouncer.

We figured the kitties would attempt this and tried to keep them out by putting a doll in it so they would stay off of it and to also get them used to having something in it.

As much as I don't want to continue this trend, I will do so. I dont want a hundred fathers huffing down my back. I am not sure if the tag game has reached podcasts but I tag Who's Your Daddy Podcast. You will recite a bit about your 4th show or be dammed with a temporary loss of voice.


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