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Teeter Totter

Written on October 7, 2005 by Kevin.

Only in a land of make believe does a pregnancy go through without a hitch. While at my wife's recent checkup, the doctor again said the baby was bigger than he normally should. She has scheduled yet another ultrasound to get the baby looked at. While the ultrasounds are great that we can see our baby yet again, everytime they get a bit more worrisome it seems.

So the history of the situation starts at 35 weeks when my wife was measuring at 37 weeks. When my wife went to her 37 week appointment, the doctor then measures the baby again at 37 weeks. So great, the baby just had a growth spurt and then has settled down. Now with the last appointment, the doctor says the baby is showing at around 39 weeks rather than 38 or so. So again the baby has grown. While its certainly normal for a baby to grow significantly the last month, this seems like its him playing a game of cat and mouse. Some people would likely love to have a big baby but my wife sure isn't looking forward to a 9lb+ baby. As the countdown says, only 14 more days till the babies due date. Lets hope it comes a bit earlier than that.


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