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The cats adjustments..

Written on October 5, 2005 by Kevin.

Bringing a baby into a home with 3 well established cats could certainly be a challenge. Many people don't seem to want to take the challenge and decide to get rid of their cats instead. This certainly is not an option for us. As mentioned in a couple previous posts [link] [link], our oldest cat seems to always find the most comfortable place to lay down for a nap. Unfortunately these are always baby items that she decides to lay in. I find it amusing that the cat can find so many great places to sleep, whether they are comfortable looking or not, she will use it. I cant help but think that maybe she is trying to get everything ready for the baby and making sure everything works before the baby has to use them. It may also be that she is trying to claim her space before the baby arrives. Both our oldest and youngest cats have had the opportunity to listen to the baby and feel his kicks. Our youngest cat will lay on my wife's belly from time to time like he is trying to bond with his soon to be brother. This type of thing never happened prior to the pregnancy. Only time will tell whether or not the cats will like the baby or just simply find him a nuisance.


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