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The wonderful Boppy.

Written on October 31, 2005 by Kevin.

The Boppy is likely one of the best items we have purchased prior to Rylan being born. It is a definite every day used item and is must have when my wife is nursing or we are just holding Rylan. Holding an 8 pound bundle of baby can be very tiring on the arms after just a short bit of time. With the help of the Boppy however, feeding time and just together time is much easier. We purchased our Boppy on EBay for next to nothing and are very pleased with the purchase.

The company states that it is washable however after we washed ours (bought used), it became a bit lumpy. Despite the few lumps, it is still very usable. Normal pillows just don't work very well for breast feeding however the Boppy really does a good job. There are other similar products that extend the pillow to around your back, I believe in an attempt to keep it in place better. Sometimes the Boppy can slide out from around your waste resulting in the baby sliding down. This seems like more of a problem when Rylan is sleeping on his side or when nursing. Rylan seems to really enjoy his Boppy as well. He seems to pass out to sleep much easier while laying down on it. He also enjoys having the Boppy used to help prop him up so he can see out the window.

Overall, my wife and I would highly recommend a Boppy for any new parents. With so many styles of pillowcases, these will likely fit into any theme you may have going.

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I actually had trouble nursing with a boppy, I think people should get all the boppy sizes and find the best for them. My daughter, my husband, and I have slept on the boppy too. The boppy makes a great pillow for laying on the floor reading or watching tv for kids or adults and helps babies sit up when they get to that stage.

Written by Jessica on Nov 2, 2005

Hi! Found you link on Blogging Baby!

Boppy has covers that are washable and easy to remove! There are so many milk slips, leaky diapers, coffee stains (hehe that was me!) and everything on our cover, the next baby will totally need a new cover! They are fairly inexpensive and at BabysRus and places liek that!

Your baby is ADORABLE! And I really enjoyed reading your blog!

Written by chelle on Nov 3, 2005

A slipcover for the Boppy was something that my wife and I planned on getting but have yet to do so. They have so many designs to choose from and I image they wouldnt be too hard to make one yourself.

Written by Kevin on Nov 3, 2005

I loved the boppy until I discovered My Brest Friend. It is better than the boppy. It offers back support for mom, and a flat surface for baby with head pillows. Baby is comfortable and doesn't roll off if he falls asleep while nursing like on the boppy.

Written by Amy on Nov 4, 2005

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