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Tip of the century?

Written on October 21, 2005 by Kevin.

For all of you new parents or parents to be, read this. For the parents who have already raised their kids, read this and think back. Imagine how you may have increased your quality of life with this simply trick.

A babies cry is one of natures loudest sounds. A quick Google search shows that a babies cry can register between 85 and 110 decibels. This is as loud as a subway train, a snow blower and even factory machinery. Damage to the ear can be caused with sounds over 85 decibels. It doesn't take long for a new parent to understand just how loud their baby is when it is placed next to their own head while burping or general soothing.

There is no way to simply turn down the volume of your baby however there is one possible work around. Ear plugs. I have never heard anyone suggest ear plugs to help with a crying baby. Is it possible that parents who now have degraded hearing could possibly blame their crying baby? Now I am not saying that ear plugs should be used to completely block out the baby crying. Babies cry obviously for a reason and the parents need to figure out why and how to resolve the problem. The ear plugs however would work great for when the baby just cant get soothed and your patience is running thin. A baby crying is likely the biggest reason why parents/supervisors may shake a baby. I can only imagine that a part of postpartum depression may also be caused by a crying baby. Ear plugs simply seem like a great way to help yourself in multiple ways.

The image shown above represents a company who needs to rethink their packaging. While they may consider it a humor gift, ear plugs I believe can be a real help. However packaging them and saying that you can get a full nights sleep is irresponsible.


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