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Garage Sale Finds

Written on November 21, 2005 by Kevin.

Garage sale season is in full swing here in Arizona and recently, my wife and I have been trying to take advantage of it to pickup some otherwise expensive items. In recent weekends, we have found a couple nice finds. I was able to hunt down 5 Disney books that are all over 20 years old and in pretty fair condition. Someday, Rylan will hopefully appreciate it when I read to him and later on, let him read to me. As for now, he doesn't seem to be entertained by me reading to him. For a quarter a piece, these books were a great find.

We also recently picked up a Fisher Price Sparkling Symphony Gym. These are made for infants to lay on their back and kick the dangling parts and watch and listen to the lights and music. While it was missing a few parts, the guts of it are intact and still plays music and lights up as normal. Rylan does seem to respond pretty well to this and will lay their staring at the lights. The price we bought ours at beats the prices off EBay so I consider this a successful buy.

Its great to purchase these types of things from a garage sale, not only to save money but to keep some of these things out of the landfills. AJ from recently put up what he calls the Garage Sale Manifesto in which he lays out some very helpful tips on a garage sale hunting. In addition to those great tips, I have also created a new blog entitled the Garage Sale Professional in which I post my weekly finds, funny garage sale signs that I come across and general garage sale news.


Garage sale season is in full swing? I suppose Arizona has its advantages. Enjoying your 80 degree day? Our season ends in October with 40 degree mornings and rain.

Written by AJ on Nov 21, 2005

Daytime runs about 80F right now and the mornings are likely around 65F. Our summers see very minimal sales seeing as its over 110F on most days and over 90F already by like 7:00am. Its sickening.

Written by Kevin on Nov 21, 2005

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