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Infant swing comparison.

Written on November 8, 2005 by Kevin.

My wife and I recently purchased the Fisher-Price Aquarium Take-Along Swing however noticing one of the lights already burnt out, we went ahead and returned it. Yesterday though I found out that the swing is no longer being sold at Babies-R-Us so they sold me the floor model. My wife, being the great woman that she is, was not too happy with this so we went out looking for a new one. The next thing I know, we picked up the Fisher-Price Link-a-doos Open Top Take-Along Swing. Below is my comparison and final assessment of the two swings produced by the same company.

Aquarium Take-Along Swing

6 activated lights to keep child distracted.
Plays classical and soothing ocean music.
Eight swinging speeds.
Visual aquarium tank with moving fish and water.
Difficult to carry.
Only has 2 toys.
More difficult to fold away than the other.
Difficult to get child out.

Open Top Take-Along Swing

Has a mirror for the child (or parent).
5 toys for child's entertainment.
Toy bar swings away for easy access.
Easy to carry around the house.
Mirror can be converted to a mobile.
Easy to fold away.
Classic children's music instead of classical.
Frame does not seem sturdy.
Toy bar does not feel secure.

I believe that Rylan is happier with the new Link-a-doos swing. While the frame is a bit sloppy, it is due to the way the swing folds up. Four locking clips are easily pushed in for this swing to fold away to a size that will easily fit into any car trunk. Both of the swings have a clicking noise that is heard when the swing is in motion. Rylan was not too happy with the noise from the Aquarium swing however does not seem to mind the noise from the Link-a-doos. The new swing is much easier to move around the house as well. Between the two, I would likely recommend the Link-a-doos swing even with the less than tight arms. The base bars and mirror/mobile arm appear a bit loose, but even with these flaws, the swing and base do seem secure. The ultimate test though is Rylan and since he approves, I think we will be staying with this one.


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