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"Just for a second..."

Written on November 28, 2005 by Kevin.

I am fully aware that there are some people who just love babies and want to hold each one they may see. I imagine that all new parents will eventually be asked by a stranger if they can hold your baby. This happened last night for us at a restaurant. My wife and I had both noticed that one woman kept eyeing over to our table trying to get a glimpse of Rylan. When I brought him back from a diaper change and I sat down, my wife asked that I put him and the carrier on my side of the table because this woman's kids were looking in the carrier, dropping food in it. So I move the carrier to my side of the table and I'm about to put Rylan into it and this woman pops up behind me asking if she can hold my child. I believe her words were, "Let me hold the baby.... just for a second.". I quickly said no with a firm voice and apparently she went back to her table with a disappointing look on her face.

I might need to start bringing with me an application to hold Rylan. An application that they must fill out with all of their important information such as SSN, drivers license number and any other information that I could use to sue them when they drop my baby, cough of my baby or simply run off with him. This woman didn't even come over and start a conversation before basically demanding that I let her hold him. This woman had atleast 3 kids of her own, maybe she should hold them so they don't drop food in other peoples stuff.


some people have no concept of personal boundries. In teh world we live in today folks should realize that asking to hold a strangers baby should be 100% of the time met with a big NO. I kept my babies in a mayawrap (a type of sling) so they were on my body whenever we went out. It kept people from getting their germy faces in the baby and the most they could manage to touch would be a little foot sticking out of the sling highly reccomend them

Written by fidget on Nov 28, 2005

I have never had a stranger ask me to hold my babies. You were smart to say no. I get upset when strangers come up and touch my baby!! It's worse than touching my pregnant belly!

You are a great dad, and your wife is a great mom! Keep up the good work.


Written by Karen on Nov 28, 2005

In such situations, I think it's perfectly acceptable to ask for references. At the very least, you could've asked her kids if Mommy should be allowed to hold your baby. If anyone would know, they would.

Written by Jared on Nov 28, 2005

It's sad when people can't control themselves or don't know not to touch strangers children. Parents shouldn't have to dress baby in clothes that say 'don't touch me that's not nice' or carry approval applications. I say parents should be allowed to carry mini taser and shock stupid people for touching babies maybe then more people would realize touching isn't always nice.

Written by Jessica on Nov 28, 2005

"Well, OK, but only if you let me hold your boobs ... just for a second. I've been eyeing them as long as you've been drooling over my baby."

Written by OMG on Nov 29, 2005

I love babies but have never asked a stranger, mainly I look at them say "hi" and make gooey faces at them for a minute or two then I go on my merry way. I squeeze and hug my friends babies as much as I can though.

Written by Gia on Nov 30, 2005

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