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Multiple updates.

Written on November 1, 2005 by Kevin.

Feeding Issues:
Feeding has become much better since I made my last post about it. He has begun to latch on better and generally causes my wife much less pain. We have confirmed with his last doctors appointment that is now weighs 8lbs 11oz which is 4oz higher then when he was born. This makes me and my wife feel much better about the possibility that he was not getting enough food.

Belly Button Stump:
This guy finally fell off yesterday right before my wife took him to the doctor. While it doesn't necessarily look pretty, the doctor says his belly button is completely normal. We have now been able to switch to the size 1 diapers which we were unable to do before due to the stump being snagged. One less thing to worry about and be distracted with while changing him.

Wow, my wife was brave (insane?) enough to be in the room while the circumcision took place. She said it too about 35 minutes and it was gut wrenching. She was able to hear the sound while the doctor cut through the skin. I certainly wouldn't have been able to hold on and would have likely passed out but my wife stuck through it. She is glad that she was in the room and only wishes that she could have been closer to him to help comfort him. Overall, the circumcision went as planned. For now we are just keeping a thick coat of petroleum jelly on the wound and will continue to do so for at least a week. Rylan isn't a huge fan of the diaper change right now but overall he is doing very well. Sleeping as normal as can be.


How were you able to type that? I cringed just reading it.

Written by Rob on Nov 1, 2005

My wife told me that Rylan grabbed at his circumcision today however he didnt cry. Its hard to tell whether or not he is in pain or not but I imagine he would be. His strength through such a situation gives me strength. :) Its simply amazing how much babies can widthstand.

Written by Kevin on Nov 1, 2005

Glad to hear the feeding is getting better.
So is your wife going to breastfeed only or is she gonna pump/breastfeed via bottle?

My daughter's stump fell off while I was carrying her around shirtless, it took us all day to find it, but it was a funny experience.

I say your wife was brave for sitting by while someone 'cut' on Rylan and don't let anyone hurt your feelings because you stayed out; if you can't handle it and lose it in the middle of cutting that's a distraction to the dr. and will only prolong the cutting while they pick you up off the floor.

Written by Jessica on Nov 2, 2005

I believe that my wife will begin to pump as soon as possible. I believe the common rule is after 6 weeks you can begin to pump. While the breastfeeding has become generally easier, Rylan has begun to suck differently resulting in him losing grip or swallowing alot of air. If its not one thing its another I guess.

My wife wants to keep the stump. Maybe I will make an necklace out of it or something. Certainly would be a conversation starter at a party.

Written by Kevin on Nov 2, 2005

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