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Review: Ergo Bottle Sling

Written on November 23, 2005 by Kevin.

My wife and I were in shock when a fan of Rylan wanted to send him a gift. When I began the website up, I had never imagined someone would be so willing to do such a thing. Jessica recently sent us a Bottle Sling from Ergo Products & Design. Thank you so much Jessica for the wonderful gesture.

When Jessica sent me the first email saying she was sending Rylan a gift, she mentioned that it was more of a luxury gift that she had really enjoyed. The idea behind the product is simple. As shown in the picture, it allows the bottle to also rest in front of their face so they can essentially drink at their own pace. The design also allows it to attach to just about any carrier I would imagine.

I would agree that this item is certainly not a necessity but it may be useful to some parents out there, particularly if you are bottle feeding. My only question for Jessica is whether or not you had tried using this product while in the car? Did the movement of the car cause the bottle to whack into your babies face?


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