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Review: Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe blanket

Written on November 9, 2005 by Kevin.

One thing that Rylan has enjoy since being born is likely something every other baby enjoys as well, being swaddled. With Rylan gradually getting larger, it has become a bit more difficult to get him bundled up securely so he is unable to wiggle his arms out. I am still not certain why he enjoys working at wiggling himself out of his swaddle and when he finally does, proceeds to cry. Wouldn't he be happy at that point? Anyways, Rylan's Grandma Michele purchased us the SwaddleMe by Kiddopotamus and while we have used it mildly, it has shown that it works.

When originally purchased, Rylan was simply too small for it. After being bundled up, his face would be sitting in a bunch of cloth which I, as a parent, would not risk. Now though that Rylan is a week+ older, he is fitting much nicer and does seem to enjoy it. At night we continue to use the old double blanket method however during the day, my wife will commonly use the SwaddleMe to keep him asleep. This product does a great job keeping the arms of the baby close by and seems to let their legs extend out. Rylan seems to enjoy this position and it does seem to help him remain asleep. The common rule is to stop using the swaddle technique when they are active enough to kick it off however with the extended leg room, this should allow the usage to be longer.

The SwaddleMe does its job well and I can only imagine it will remain useful as Rylan gets larger. There are many other swaddle blankets out on the market that I have not purchased and at this time, don't feel a need too. I think between the use of a couple of receiving blankets, and our new SwaddleMe, we are set for a while.


We used The Miracle Blanket:

Greatest thing ever.

Written by Dave on Nov 9, 2005

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