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Week in Review

Written on November 4, 2005 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Another Chiropractor visit, another adjustment. I have now gone to my chiropractor 3 times and every time I seem to be getting better and better. This last time they just worked on my mouth some more. Since my mom told the Chiropractor that my I had not been feeding very well, I have been receiving adjustments. I think I am a feeding master now because I rarely bite down on mommy now. Whoever said that Chiropractic doctors are quacks, is a quack themselves. My mom can testify to that as well.

So the main issue of this week was my circumcision. All that I can say is one thing, wow. What an ordeal that was. I was strapped down for over 30 minutes and I just did not like that. Everything is going OK now though and seeing as my mom cant point my penis down into the diaper, I have had a bunch of chances to pee on her. Of course I also pee on myself which isn't so great. One thing that made me happy about the circumcision was when the doctor said that she may need a bigger tool to do the procedure. How funny.

Halloween was fun, however I didn't really like getting into the costume. My dad told mommy that I wouldn't fit into it but they purchased it anyways. Crazy parents, what can you do about them.


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