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Week in Review

Written on November 25, 2005 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone. I had a wonderful time going to my great aunts house for the day. I had a chance to meet so many new people including my great grandma and grandpa. They are both really nice people and I cant wait to see them more often. My grandma holds me so well and loving. She even gave me a couple of kisses that almost beat mom and dads kisses.

I thought for the holiday occasion that I would let my mom and day sleep a bit more last night. I let them sleep for about 7 hours before I let them know I was poopy and needed to be fed. I think that they seem to appreciate it when I let them sleep in, especially my mommy.

I received a package in the mail the other day and it was exciting. My great aunt Roxanne sent me some clothing that I really like. My mom says they will look very cute on me and I would have to agree, of course I make all of my clothes look cute. My grandpa Fred sure seems to spoil me too as he bought me a Santa's outfit. My mom still has not told me much about Santa but I have now learned that he has a red suit. If I learn anything more about this guy, I will be sure to report it to everyone.

Speaking of clothing, my mom and dad picked out my winter picture outfit. I'm really not sure why I need to wear all of these dorky clothes but mom and dad really seem to enjoy it. The outfit is really nice though, its a striped winter'y colored sweater and hat. My mom is forcing me into this outfit for our first family pictures this weekend. My last pictures went well so hopefully these will be the same. I think my dad will probably put the pictures up sometime next week.

The most important thing that I did this week was creating my first Christmas list. My dad is going to put a link on the right side for anyone interested in knowing what I want for Christmas. It really is hard narrowing down what to put on the list. There are so many good toys out there but I know mommy and daddy cannot get them all for me. I can't let mommy or daddy know but I overheard them saying that they got me a Playskool Lullaby Gloworm. Oh boy, I can't wait until Christmas.


Next year you will get turkey and mashed potatoes.

I'm glad that all 3 of ya'll got some exrta sleep.

I'm making Alexis wear a 'dorky' Mrs. Clause (Santa's wife) dress for her holiday pictures; so don't fret your not the only one being forced into the whole holiday dress up for picture thing.

Good to hear that you got some clothes to keep you warm.

It's a good thing you made a Christmas list so you can mail a copy to Santa, I'll let your mommy explain that concept to you.

Happy Holidays

Written by Jessica on Nov 28, 2005

Was the Playskool Lullaby GloWorm recalled? You came up on a Google search for the Playskool Lullaby GloWorm recall but I can't find anything inb your postings about a recall!?!?!?!

Written by Mike on Dec 4, 2005

I have received alot of people coming to my site from a search of 'gloworm recall' however looking into it on the website, I was unable to find the recall. I will certainly look into this in the future though.

Written by Kevin on Dec 4, 2005

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