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Week in Review

Written on November 11, 2005 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

This week was pretty exciting, I had the chance to meet my great grandmother. Boy is she nice. She can sing really well and holds me nicely.

My circumcision wounds are almost all better so I have not had as many wet leaky diapers. (warning to new parents with a boy, petroleum jelly in a diaper will cause the pee to just run right out.) I have a great time peeing on mom and dad and wow I can shoot far. Of course, its not very fun when it gets all over my face. Yikes.

My mom and dad showed me these Baby Einstein movies and I had a great time watching. My mom held me while I just sat back and watched. They were really fun to see the puppets and glittery lights. I hope my mom can let me watch them more often.

I think I overheard dad telling my mom that he was going to take her and I up north for a day trip this weekend. I love getting in the car and going for a drive, it's very relaxing. Hopefully it's as fun as dad is hoping for.


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