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What I have learned..

Written on November 14, 2005 by Kevin.

Rylan is nearly a month old now and I'm still learning new things every day however with the last 29 days has come a lot of new found knowledge. Things that all other parents likely learn soon after the birth of their baby. Here is a bit of my vast knowledge that I have learned and would like to pass on to other parents or parents to be.

  • Own more than 10 receiving blankets. They will be pee'd on.
  • Button down clothing works best.
  • Petroleum Jelly in the diaper causes pee to pour out.
  • Don't hold your baby too tight or their legs will go purple.
  • Always have the camera ready for a picture.
  • Work out your back prior to the birth. You will need the muscles for bouncing.
  • Swaddling is a godsend.
  • Day trips are possible with a bit of planning.
  • Poop is inevitable, so is pee on the wall.
  • Other peoples input is rubbish as each baby is different.

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