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Bye-Bye Diapers

Written on December 7, 2005 by Kevin.

I recently read an article entitled Bye-Bye Diapers from the CBS news that explains how a women had her daughter potty trained at 12 months old. This certainly is a very inspirational article and gives me hope that I can get Rylan trained around that time frame. The possibility of saving money on diapers and just eliminating the act of changing would be great. While there is no set time frame when a child should begin potty training, it appears to be a matter of knowing the signs that your child is going to be needing to go. I read another article a few weeks ago that said it was pretty common in Australia (I believe) to have your child potty trained at 12 months.

When I began this blog, I laid out my expectations for Rylan for the first year (displayed to the left). I marked him as potty trained at 6 months. While looking back at it, 6 months may be a bit early, but 12 months now seems do'able as long as Rylan is ready and we can detect his signs. While we will not ever push him towards his uncommon ability, we certainly will accept it if he will.

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