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Christmas 2005

Written on December 27, 2005 by Kevin.

After having four days of Christmas fun, it is now over. The end result is that Rylan scored big. The cute little boy ran off with so many new goodies, it isn't even funny.

Day 1:
Our Christmas began Friday night when we took Rylan over to his grandpa's house. Rylan received a Bumbo chair which is pictured in the photo. I will certainly be doing a review on this item soon. He also received a gift card to Children's Place. I think it may be more of a gift for my wife though as she simply loves that store.

Day 2:
Christmas Eve, took us to Rylan's other grandpa's house. This time Rylan received the great gift of money. An all mighty piece of paper that has already gone into his savings account. Funny memory of the night, Rylan had a diaper blowout and pooped all over his grandma. Everyone laughed at the situation which ended up making Rylan upset. Shame on them for laughing at my son.

Day 3:
Christmas day was full from start to end. We began the day by going to Grandma's house at 8:00am. Rylan did very well and slept through the majority of it and was calm the rest. He made out with new clothes, some toys and a United States Savings Bond. Later that day, we went to my sisters house to open even more gifts. Rylan received the ultimate gift, diapers. Unlike other things that kids may never use, diapers will be. Often.

Day 4:
To wrap it up, we exchanged gifts with my wife's Aunts. Rylan once again received a whole bunch of gifts including more clothing and toys. My wife and I woke up early to do a bit of shopping. Rylan on the other hand, was not going for it. He was up nearly all day long and would not sleep for more than about 20 minutes. I'm not sure what got to him but shopping was not in his schedule.

The verdict is, being cute will get you a lot of gifts. We are now nearly set on baby clothes for the next 6+ months which will certainly help out and when Rylan skips to the next few sizes of diapers, we are prepared as well. Rylan certainly appreciates all of the love and gifts that he received this weekend, and so do we.


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