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Full nights sleep

Written on December 14, 2005 by Kevin.

When you are expecting a baby, everyone tells you that you will never sleep the same again and that you will be so tired you may think your going to die. While this may be true for some, it wasn't until Rylan was about 6 weeks before I began feeling "sleep deprived". While I do work, my wife certainly works too (taking care of Rylan) so we were both waking up at night to change or feed Rylan. My job was simply to change Rylan and get him prepped for my wife who would feed him. My secondary job was to muster up the energy to talk to my wife and keep her awake and entertained. Many people questioned me why exactly I was up when I really didn't need to be, the answer to that is, I try to be the best father/husband I can be.

Rylan is now 8 weeks old and for the past few weeks has been sleeping through the night. It seems that Rylan was simply testing me and wanted me to get to the breaking point of sleep before he made the change to sleeping through the night. While I can't imagine its fun for him waking up in the middle of the night either, he sure seemed to enjoy letting us get less sleep. We were averaging about 5 hours off/on sleep which to some may not seem that bad and I would have to agree. Rylan was really never that bad with his sleeping.

Now that he sleeps through the night, I wake up occasionally to make sure everything is OK. He tosses and turns a lot however never seems to wake up. I look forward to more full nights of sleep.


Enjoy it for as long as you can. It doesn't last forever. Sully did this for about six weeks before he reverted to form.

Still, it was a welcome respite.

Written by Rob on Dec 14, 2005

The morning after Ian first slept through the night, I woke up terrified. I was refreshed, alert, and the last thing I remembered was going to sleep. Something was obviously wrong.

Once I made sure my son was still breathing, it was a great feeling.

Written by Jared on Dec 14, 2005

I'm so glad you help your wife at night with Rylan. My husband sorta helped me, by helping me get Alexis latched, Alexis always had trouble latching. Although, I'm not sure if he did it to get her quiet faster or if he actually wanted to help her eat.

Don't let anyone make you feel bad for helping, a S.A.H.M.'s job is very exausting especially with breastfeeding. Any help you give just keeps her sane and gets Rylan a full tummy faster so you all can get back to sleep.

Written by Jessica on Dec 15, 2005

BTW: I love Rylan's big smile in the pic of the day!

Written by Jessica on Dec 15, 2005

Congrats! 8 weeks is very young and I am happy for the two of you. I often wonder if I will ever survive a child and the sleep deprivation since I adore sleep and need about 8 hours a night.

Written by Gia on Dec 15, 2005

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