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High Contrast Fun

Written on December 1, 2005 by Kevin.

After I knew that my wife and I were having a baby, I quickly went out on the web and searched around for information. One thing that kept popping up on sites was the fact that babies are fascinated with high contrast images. I have since found toys that are strictly black, white and red and are sold as developmental toys. It is said that the connections in the brain can decrease or increase by up to 25% depending on the stimulation and environment your baby receives. When researching websites, I found numerous posts from dads talking about their experiences with showing their babies high contrast images and I knew that I wanted to do the same. These images I like to consider developmental experiments. Experiments are the reason for having the baby in the first place right?
The other day I decided to finally get around to making some high contrast images. I laminated the 2 together and tied some ribbon to it. I have since hung it from our mobile and I have to say, Rylan certainly enjoys watching it spin. We used to have a Winnie the Pooh mobile that Rylan enjoyed but would not stay locked deeply onto. The images that I created however will keep his attention and generally soothe his crying when we are changing him.

Eventually, Rylan will get bored of these images and I will swap them with some new ones. The second part of this experiment will be to test different images. My idea is that if I show Rylan a picture of a dollar sign, will he become a millionaire? If I show him a picture of a Mickey Mouse head, will he become a Mickey fan? Only time will tell.

Below are 4 high contrast images that I have threw together. I currently use images #1 and #2 with great results.
Image #1
Image #2
Image #3
Image #4


hmmmm.... I have concerns about 3# lol!!

Written by Karen on Dec 1, 2005

#1 will have him playing checkers in no time.

#2 will have him playing whack-a-mole.

#3 will have him counterfeiting by his 13th birthday.

Hey, we had one of those music keyboard thingamajigs (seen in Rylan's crib) for our daughter. It took forever for her to show an interest, and then she really enjoyed smacking it with her feet. We hung it off the side of our couch and put her play mat up against it.

Written by AJ on Dec 1, 2005

I plan on writing a small review on that piano toy when he gets more interested in it. Currently he just watches the lights and soon after gets fussy.

I just uploaded a fourth image that I will be using to introduce him to Mickey Mouse.

Written by Kevin on Dec 1, 2005

thanks! i've been looking for some high-contrast images to print out for our change table.

Written by tracey on Jul 25, 2007

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