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Nights and Days.

Written on December 5, 2005 by Kevin.

I can definitely see that Rylan has begun to understand the difference between night and day. For the past 4 nights now, he has let us sleep about 7 hours straight. Over the weekend, he would wake up and get his normal change and feeding and then went back to bed for another 4 hours. It certainly is a lovely thing getting more sleep at night, especially during the work week. We did nothing special to get him adjusted, just tried to get him down to sleep each night around the same time and eventually he did the rest. He now stays awake most of the day which can be good or bad depending on how he is acting of course. The grandparents sure seem to enjoy it more now that he is awake though.

Now let me explain the bad part about a newborn starting to learn a schedule. Now that he sleeps all night and is awake most of the day, its much more difficult to take him out. Because he is awake, a lot of the time he may want to be held and bounced which obviously at times is not possible. Last night I was hoping my wife and I could sit down for dinner out but that was interrupted by his crying. After 15 minutes of him crying and us trying to sooth him, we decided it was best to just leave and take the food home. His new schedule surely could be taken as bitter sweet it seems. While we love seeing his open eyes, its nice sometimes when he is sleeping so we can get some food in our bellies. It seems that regardless how tired he may seem, when food is around, he is awake and wants to be held.

P.S. To the bus boy who brought us our to-go boxes, thank you. You offered to package my food while I sat there with a baby in my arms. I understand your job is to help the customer but this is above and beyond in my opinion, so thank you.


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