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Rylan's Christmas present to us.

Written on December 28, 2005 by Kevin.

No, Rylan did not take a trip to the mall and pick out a gift for his parents but he did certainly give us something great. Up until now, Rylan has been known to focus on the TV and high contrast images. Christmas Eve however brought us a great gift.
Rylan's Christmas 2005
We assisted Rylan in opening his presents but to our delight, he really began to focus on his new toys. This was the first time that we really had noticed that he was seeming to take an interest in toys. He now loves to smile and talk with his new friends. His conversational skills have improved greatly as well. We are now able to talk with him and he will respond and he generally seems to want to talk back. He will lay down next to his toys and talk with them for quite a long time.
Rylan's Christmas 2005
This was certainly a great Christmas gift from Rylan to us. I find it so amazing that all of a sudden, he takes an interest in the toys when before, he would barely give them a look. I can definitely say we enjoy his gift the most and cant wait until next year to see what he decides to give us then.


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