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Rylan's fun weekend

Written on December 12, 2005 by Kevin.

Only in Arizona would anyone celebrate a tamale. This weekend, my wife and I took Rylan to the Tamale Festival. They had about 50 booths, some selling food and others giving away freebies. They had numerous groups selling tamales and I assume they wanted you to buy from each of the booths to determine who made the best tamales. We didn't try any of the tamales but we got a bunch of freebies. Mostly Mexican dessert foods which unfortunately aren't my cup of tea. We did get a chance to try some churros which turned out pretty well. They had a live band to blast out Rylan's ears however he did great, and slept through it all. I got a chance to use the Snugli the entire time and was surprised to have no back pains afterwards. The only person to comment on Rylan, was a bum (go figure) and I think she was more focused on getting her fix rather than Rylan.

Overall we had a good time until we had to leave due to a work issue (sure is fun being on call). Rylan and I spent the next hour at my workplace fixing a server issue.


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