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The world is coming to an end.

Written on December 9, 2005 by Kevin.

I'm sitting here on my lunchbreak, talking to my wife on instant message and the following conversation took place. This is quite possibly the most entertaining bit of conversation I have ever read. I only wish that I could have been there to see my wife's face when she saw what was waiting for her. I can imagine it was classic.

[11:13] Mom: oh my god... you should've heared and smelled his fart..
[11:13] Dad: haha
[11:13] Mom: then I take him to the changing table and open up the pajamas
[11:14] Mom: there's poop all over his back and inside the pajamas
[11:14] Dad: full blowout
[11:14] Mom: I'm afraid to open the diaper
[11:14] Mom: there's a full diaper of poop on his pajamas
[11:15] Mom: brb. if I don't get to talk to you again... I love you.
[11:15] Dad: love you too
[11:15] Mom: I think the poops alive
[11:15] Mom: I hear weird noises in the diaper
[11:16] Mom: not farts
[11:16] Dad: odd
[11:17] Mom: oh there's poop everywhere
[11:17] Mom: It's by his armpit. i just stuck my hand in it
[11:17] Dad: jeez
[11:21] Mom: I had to change his diaper with him on his belly
[11:23] Mom: it stinks
[11:25] Mom: I feel like I'm going to throw up. It was nasty.

It sure is fun to be a parent.


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