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Toy Wish List 2005

Written on December 2, 2005 by Kevin.

AJ from recently let me know of his request for blogging parents to post gifts that they would purchase if price was no matter. Rylan is just over 6 weeks old now, and while there are few gifts that he could use at this time, there are things that we have looked at that we certainly wish we could get for him. Here are a list of items that we would love to get him as well as 3 additional gifts that we would love to purchase for ourselves as parents.

For him:

  • Bumbo Baby Seat - A chair designed to let babies sit upright to help strengthen their backs and give them a new look on things. I have only heard good things about it.
  • Flutterbye Dreams Lullabye Birdies Mobile - This would match our crib soother and allow us to control it remotely.
  • Baby Gymtastics Play Wall - While this is quite a few months away, eventually a toy like this would allow Rylan a lot of entertainment.
  • Decathlon Odyssey Convertible Car Seat - Per Amazon customers, one of the highest rated car seat.
  • Gift certificate for Children's Place. - My wife simply loves the clothes here and Rylan looks great in them.

    For Us:

  • Bugaboo stroller - These strollers are likely some of the most expensive ones on the market, if price was no matter, why not get the most expensive?
  • A maid and cook - These would help free up some more time for my wife and I to spend with Rylan.
  • A lifetime membership to DisneyLand with free travel and board - This would be my wife's ultimate dream.

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