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Week in Review

Written on December 9, 2005 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Another week has passed and unfortunately, not many things have happened. One thing however is that my poop has begun to stink. Now I get to gross mom and dad out when they change me. The faces that dad gives sometimes are really really funny. Speaking of my dad, I sure miss him during the daytime. He goes to work but when he comes home, I sure love to be near him.

I am still working on this smile thing. I do it a lot when mommy or daddy make funny faces at me and I really like the mobile that dad made for me. I can stare at that thing for ages, or atleast until it stops spinning around. Then I get fussy until they turn it back on. Suckers!

Dad took mom to a craft show last weekend and all of the older ladies just loved me. Maybe they thought I was for sale because they all wanted to take me home. I love being adorable.

That's all for now, more to come next week. Have a nice weekend.


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