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Week in Review

Written on December 16, 2005 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

I am nearly 2 months old now but I tell ya, it doesn't feel that way. Time sure has seemed to speed up. It seems like just yesterday that I was heading towards the light.

I am working on crawling and standing now. My little legs can keep me upright for quite a long time now. I am really anxious to get moving because this whole laying in one place for long periods of time is just not my cup of tea. My mom works with me everyday trying to get my legs a little bit stronger. The best is when she has me doing squats and I fart. Very funny I tell ya.

I have become a very chatty little boy. My dad has been trying to teach me how to say "hi" and while I can make a noise very similar, I don't think I am there just yet. I love when mommy and daddy talk to me and I just cant help from smiling. They sure love me.

We all went to a festival last weekend. It was fun sleeping on my dads chest while he got a chance to spend some time with mommy. It only lasted a little bit though because he had to go into work. We were there so long and even with my help, we just couldnt get it done quick enough. As seen in the picture, I began to get irritated with it all.

Have a nice weekend everyone.


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