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A walk in the park.

Written on January 24, 2006 by Kevin.

Sundays around our house tend to be pretty boring. Not too much going on so we have to dig for things to keep us all entertained. This last Sunday however I remembered a park near Rylan's grandmas house. A park that we will likely be taking Rylan too when he gets older and is capable of running around and playing.

We decided that it would be fun and a great photo opportunity to take Rylan to the park. It is a pretty rare thing here in Arizona to find a park with a lake. The lake is filled with fish and while you are not allowed to fish, they certainly enjoy being thrown food. Food that the ducks and geese love too. The weather was perfect that day for a walk in the park.

Rylan seemed to be amazed by all of the new things. We arrived at the park with Rylan sleeping in the back of the car but once we took him out, he couldn't keep his eyes off of all the new things. We enjoyed throwing the ducks and fish food and Rylan seemed to get a bit startled when the birds flew off in bunches.

This place also has a playground so we figured we would see how Rylan would react to being taken down a slide. His response was nil. His expression didn't change at all. We even got a few pictures of him in a bucket seat swing. As shown in the picture, he barely could see over the seat edge and has quite a bit of growing to do before we can take him back.

I think the park may turn out to be one of Rylan's favorite places to go. The combination of the ducks to chase and the playground to get all banged up at, will likely keep Rylan interested. I know that I cant wait to take him back.


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