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Babies and movie screenings

Written on January 26, 2006 by Kevin.

Since Rylan was born, my wife and I have not gone to see a movie. The combination of a strict feeding schedule and the potential of Rylan getting fussy was something we didn't want to deal with. This is still true to this day however now that we have been offered a few movie screening tickets, we are looking to attend. Call me cheap, but I wouldn't pay to see the movie and end up leaving half way through if Rylan got rowdy. The screening however is free and the only thing that may get disturbed are the other people who got to see the movie for free.

We received movie screening tickets for Bambi II and Final Destination 3. Bambi II is coming out on DVD soon but they are having an exclusive onscreen showing for the special people. Apparently, my wife is one of those special people. We figured it would be a great opportunity to test Rylan in a movie theater as it is a children's movie and most likely will have yelling kids anyways. Final Destination 3 will likely be filled with teenagers who will most likely hate us by the end of the movie if Rylan acts up.

Our initial concern with taking Rylan to one of these screeners is that the tickets clearly state that they are good for you and a guest. No where do they mention children. After calling around to AMC and Harkins, neither of them had ever been asked if a child can go. My claim was that Rylan would not be taking up a seat, so he should be able to go. After looking into it, both companies confirmed that babies are allowed to go as long as they do not take up a seat.

The best idea that I can come up with is to get to the screening early and find a seat that is closest to the door. If Rylan doesn't want to cooperate, I pick him up and take him out. This should keep the crying and other peoples comments to a minimum. Look for a report back after the movies. This could be interesting.


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