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California Trip - Update #1 - Dinosaurs of Cabazon

Written on January 6, 2006 by Kevin.

Our first long trip has been a success so far. Rylan slept the majority of the trip from Phoenix to Anaheim and we are now settled in with our free wireless internet. Let the blogging begin.
Mr. Rex
Ever since I was a young boy I have been driving from Phoenix through California and would come across these dinosaurs in the middle of nowhere. For whatever reason, my family and I never stopped to check them out. Over the years though, these dinosaurs have been pictured in movies such as Pee Wees Big Adventure. I am talking about the Dinosaurs of Cabazon. The largest man-made dinosaurs in the world. Ms. Dinny, the Apatosaurus, took 11 years to build and is capable of housing an educational and gift store in her stomach. Mr. Rex stands a staggering 65ft tall.

I made it a point to stop this time around as I didn't want Rylan to miss this grand opportunity. I would certainly recommend dropping by this place if you are passing through. The address is below.

Ms. Dinny

50800 Seminole Dr.
Cabazon, CA 9230


Don't forget Rylan has to have one of those cute mouse ear hat things when he gets to Disney.

Rylan doesn't even look scared being so close to those dinosaurs. Rylan the brave!

Written by Jessica on Jan 8, 2006

Not only does Rylan get mouse ears, he gets golden ones. Golden for the 50th anniversary.

Written by Kevin on Jan 9, 2006

Rylan is lucky he got to go to the 50th anniversary and got golden mouse ears. I'm glad he has such good parents that can give him a treat like that.

Written by Jessica on Jan 9, 2006

We figured that in 50 years, Rylan may be able to attend another celebration at Disneyland. Maybe even in 100 years. We figured that these hats may someday be a collectors item so we each purchased a pair. We were not certain which would potentially be worth more so we decided to not embroider our names on the back.

Written by Kevin on Jan 10, 2006

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