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California Trip - Update #2 - Disneyland Initial Review

Written on January 9, 2006 by Kevin.

Too all people who believed that taking a 2 months old to Disneyland was a poor idea, Rylan has given proof that you can successfully take a young child to a very public park.

Disneyland is a 5 hour trip here from Phoenix and Rylan did a wonderful job going both directions. He slept most of the trip and we only needed to stop once each way for feeding and changing. Otherwise, he kept to himself for the most part. We were very proud of him.

My wife and I went to Disneyland knowing that it would not be the same as if it was just the 2 of us. This was OK with us. We went with the understanding that we would spend most of our time walking around rather than on rides. We were not certain which rides we would be allowed on and which ones they would turn us away from. We were very happy to be allowed on all of the rides that we really wanted to go on. Rides such as the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean went well even with Rylan. He slept quietly (for the most part) throughout the rides. He took part in some of the rides and kept his eyes open to take in all of the new things.

We initially were going to bring both the stroller and the Snugli, however even before getting 20 feet from the car, we decided to turn around and leave the stroller. This was likely the best idea we had. Rylan would stay close to us, like he enjoys, and allowed us to have peace of mind that someone was not going to run off with him. Throughout the park there are stroller parking areas but its difficult to leave an expensive stroller unattended. I enjoy the fact that I did not need to worry about this. There is nothing worse than a heavy pileup of people partially caused by the abundance of strollers. I am proud to say that I was not part of the pileup problems.

I will be providing a bit more information on future posts, until then, here is Rylan with one of his new buddies.

Disneyland Picture


Too cute!

I hope ya'll got her autograph too.

Written by Jessica on Jan 9, 2006

Is that a sweet smile on his face or what??

Written by Karen on Jan 10, 2006

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