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California Trip - Update #4 - Baby Care Center

Written on January 11, 2006 by Kevin.

The only one sure bet when taking a newborn to a park like Disneyland, is that your child is going to need to feed and be changed. Disney has you covered luckily.

The Gerber Baby Care Center at Disneyland has been in existence from the opening day and allows a place for parents to take their children for a changing or feeding. At Disneyland, it is located at the end of Main Street on the right side. It is near the corn dog stand which I hear has the best corn dogs anywhere.

They have a designated room for breast feeding mothers which dads are kept out of. My wife tells me the chairs are placed in a manner that makes it more private however there are not separate rooms for each women. Feeding stations can also be found with high chairs and rockers so you can feed how you normally would.

I counted 4 changing tables and they are quite nice. They provide a new piece of paper to put down under your baby to help contain the messes and keep things sanitized. Toddler sized toilets are also present. Fathers are allowed in the back to change the diapers of the young ones. They are also allowed for general feedings.

Rylan enjoyed his stay at the care center about 5 times when we were there. Other times, my wife would take him to the nearest bathroom for a diaper change. I am told that Rylan was checking out all of the other babies and the girls seemed to really enjoy him. Turns out he is shy and wont talk with the girls though, just sits back and admires.

Quite possibly the most important thing that this center offers, is that they sell food and diapers. While they are overpriced, they would certainly be a godsend in the case of an emergency. The diapers cost $1.00 each and jars of food and formula are near that price as well, if I remember correctly. They also have bottle warmers and an area where you can clean out bottles and jars. Other necessary items can likely be purchased however they have limited supplies it seems.
Disneyland Baby Care Center
Disney certainly tries to benefit everyone when at the park and this is no exception. I would certainly recommend checking into this care center the next Disney trip you make. Each Disney park location including California Adventure has one so I would recommend contacting the park prior to your trip for more detailed information. This continues to be one of the lesser known parts of Disneyland so it rarely gets busy.

I am curious to know exactly what is this big toilet looking object in the picture though. Any ideas?


Kevin, this series is very, very cool. Thanks.

Written by Rob on Jan 11, 2006

I've been to Disneyland several times with DD. The big toilet-looking thing is a diaper sink. It's designed to deal with messes from diaper changes. I've seen people use it to wash out a yucky cloth diaper, or for a dirty disposable sometimes. I've also seen some soiled pants or overalls in it too. Sometimes parents wash the offending garments out and but I've seen some parents just flush everything down, which probably makes more sense than tromping around Disneyland with soggy clothing in a stroller, especially if it was a disposable diaper.


Written by Mandy on Jan 21, 2007

Thanks for the insight Mandy.

Written by Kevin on Jan 21, 2007

You're welcome Kevin. I'll admit a few of my DD's disposables have gone down the diaper sink too. I personally wish I had one at home, but my Diaper Genie will have to do. It's interesting that the diaper sink works like a large toilet, while the opposite side of the room has tiny toilets. Perhaps it's a play on Alice in Wonderland. :-)


Written by Mandy on Jan 23, 2007

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