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Clearance Children's Place clothing

Written on January 19, 2006 by Kevin.

Children's Place, my wife's home away from home (except for Disneyland). If she had it her way, she would spend my entire paycheck, buying clothing for Rylan. What kills me the most about this store is that they go through their clothing so quickly and come out with new outfits. While this is great if you don't like the last outfits they were selling, its a problem when your wife loves everything. Every season, my wife is scouring the website looking for the latest and greatest outfit. While I must say, we don't buy everything, we do buy a few items here and there.

Enter the outlet, where they eventually sell the older seasons outfits for a pretty well reduced price. I am happy to say that we took advantage of their outlet prices recently and snatched up some of the outfits my wife had recently been aching over. This can satisfy both of our needs, my wife's need for clothing and my need of saving money.

Fleece Coveralls
orig. price- $14.50
outlet- $5.59

Cargo Overalls
orig. price- $14.50
outlet- $6.99

Plaid Shirt
orig. price- $12.50
outlet- $5.59

Booties (2 per pack)
orig. price- $2.50
outlet- $.69

Retail Total: $51.50
Outlet Total: $20.93

Children's Place


I love the Children's Place, too!! Cute buys!!

Written by Julie on Jan 19, 2006

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