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My son the model?

Written on January 23, 2006 by Kevin.

What do you get when you combine a late night commercial and a cute baby? You get parents who take their baby to a talent agency.

Every parent believes that they have the best looking baby but my wife and I believe that Rylan may have something more. We had always been joking about having Rylan in commercials and whatnot but when we were up late on Friday night, we saw a commercial for StarMaker. They basically have a database of people who would like to be in TV commercials, music videos, magazines and whatever else you can think of. We figured that this would be a good time to get him in.

The first thing that I did was check them in the Better Business Bureau and while they did have some complaints, they were all resolved. I felt that at this point, we should continue to look into this. We got to their office and they really took to Rylan. The guy explained to us the possibilities and how things work and went on to say that they do have to turn down kids that have issues such as bad complexion or they are simply shy. Rylan however was in a great mood and was smiling and talking with the guy. He mentioned that Rylan does have a great personality and that he is the youngest child currently in their database.

The deal goes, you pay some money up front and they put his picture in their database and on their website. When companies are looking for individuals, they will mention Rylan or the companies may simply see him on the website and ask about him. They don't really actively promote the kids but more or less wait for the work to come to them, which I understand. The amount of money spent up front could certainly be received back if Rylan was to be picked up. I figure that people spend money at Vegas trying to win big, spending money on Rylan with the hope of getting him money, is just the same.

The picture up above is the head shot that they took for him. We had numerous pictures to choose from but we decided on this one because of his smile. Personality is key it seems and smiles can really show that. Look for further updates if anything comes from this idea. It should certainly be interesting.


I was wondering how much it is to do this. I glanced at the website and didn't find that info. BTW, the headshot they took is really cute!! Did they let you keep a picture or two?

Written by Julie on Jan 23, 2006

From this company, it is a few hundred dollars to be placed in the database and his picture to be put on the website. They have a more expensive package for around $700 that makes prints of his picture and delivers them out to companies.

I did not think to ask for copies when we were there but have thought about it since and will likely contact them for copies. They really turned out well.

Written by Kevin on Jan 23, 2006

I don't understand why Rylan is the youngest, because babies at his age are certainly more cooperative than some babies going through 'terrible toddlers' can be.

I'm happy for Rylan and hope he gets to model soon. Rylan would be a perfect Gerber baby since he has a big smile.

Written by Jessica on Jan 23, 2006

Be careful. I did this with my oldest who is now 18. I spent about 500.00, got some great pictures. They also sold us make-up for the photo shoots. While some children did get picked for pictures, a majority of us did not. From what I have read about child models... you should never have to pay a company to market your child for you. They will do it because they know the child will get jobs which would then earn them a percentage.

Rylan is adorable and that shot is great! I don't blame you a bit for thinking he could be a star! Even if he makes a bit to cover his college fund, it would be great. I hope it works out for you, but if not, you still have one gorgeous baby!

Written by Karen on Jan 23, 2006

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