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Review: Mylicon Gas Relief Drops

Written on January 18, 2006 by Kevin.

Mylicon Gas Relief Drops
Rylan came into this world with an immediate habit of biting my wife when feeding. After a couple of adjustments with the Chiropractor, that has now gone away and has been replaced with him sucking in large amounts of air. Whether or not this problem began because of the adjustments is yet to be determined. Regardless, we needed a way to fight the pain that Rylan has now with the gas.

After a call to the Pediatrician, we were given 2 suggestions. Mylicon and Gripe Water. Mylicon was easy to find at our local grocery store and your common baby store. We began Rylan on the medicine immediately and began to watch as he was less fussy. A combination of thorough burping and the Mylicon seems to keep Rylan's stomach pain to a minimum.

We have found two bottle sizes and noticed that smaller bottle(0.5oz) is dyed pink. I am not certain why they would need to put pink dye into the medicine, especially medicine that is "safe enough for an infant". What purpose does this dye serve? Are they trying to help the parents who are giving this to their kids in the middle of the night? If that was the case, dye it so it can glow in the dark. Babies are bound to spit out some of the medicine resulting in a pink stain on whatever it may get on. The larger bottle(1oz) we have found has no dye in it luckily.

We finally found a local place that sells the Gripe water (VitaminShoppe) and I will be doing a review on that as well soon. In the meanwhile, I would suggest trying the Mylicon for any gassy or colicy baby.


We tried both Mylicon and Woodwards gripe water with no luck. I just found out that Woodwards gripe water is apparently on an FDA import alert (source:

None of the other gripe water products on the site were listed on the FDA import alert. This website also has a page detailing gripe water:

My personal recommendation for gas relief is Dr. Brown’s bottles:

I suggest buying the larger 8oz bottles from Wal-mart. The manufacture’s website also has a list of retailers:

These bottles worked wonders for us. My only complaint is they seldom leak if the contents in the bottle are too hot however that is a good temperature indicator for those of us with those insanely hot bottle warmers.

Written by Jessica on Jan 18, 2006

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