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Rylan's Disneyland Trip

Written on January 5, 2006 by Kevin.

It was nearly 9 months ago that my wife and I last went to Disneyland. My wife was 3 months pregnant at the time and we had decided that before she got any bigger, we had better go. We now have Rylan with us and while we do understand he will likely remember nothing, we have decided to take him to Disneyland. Ahhh who are we kidding, the Disneyland trip is for my wife and I.

Disneyland is considered the happiest place on earth and my wife couldn't agree more. If she had it her way, she would live right next door and go everyday. It impresses me that every time she goes, she can be just as excited as she was the time before.

Disneyland is celebrating their 50th anniversary so we have attempted and succeeded at raising the money to get there before the celebration is over. While we understand that Rylan wont be allowed on some of the rides, that is pushed aside to some of the new things they have going on. Hidden mickeys were never something my wife and I looked for but I think this time we will have to participate and see how hard they really are to find. There are numerous rides and attractions that Rylan will be able to go on however and allow us to see things we may not have seen before.

We look forward to taking a whole slew of pictures with Rylan and will certainly be posting a few after our arrival.


Have fun at Disney. Now I'm jealous because I can't go. LOL! I grew up in Orlando and didn't even know about the hidden Mickeys.

Have fun!

Written by Jessica on Jan 5, 2006

So when does Rylan get to go to Disneyworld? I forgot you posted Disneyland which is in CA not Disneyworld. I've never been to Disneyland.
Now I'm really jealous!

Written by Jessica on Jan 5, 2006

Rylan will not be going to Disneyworld anytime soon unfortunately. The combination of a baby on a plane and the money it would take would make it undo'able.

The hidden mickeys are just mickey heads that you find throughout the parks. They may be your normal front view or the sideview and after looking online for some examples, some of them are really well hidden. The last time my wife and I went, a cast member told us about a mickey head at the end of the pinochio ride. I'm not sure if we ever saw it.

Written by Kevin on Jan 5, 2006

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