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Rylan's laugh

Written on January 30, 2006 by Kevin.

"Oh, just wait until Rylan laughs. Until then, you have never heard laughter." - Jared

Recently Rylan surprised us with a few moments of laughter. I was playing with him and all of a sudden he began to laugh. As Jared has said a while back in a comment, his laugh is truly the best. You have never heard laughter until your child laughs for the first time. His laugh immediately caused my wife and I to laugh which just made Rylan laugh more. Of course when my wife gets the video camera out he stops. Dang kids getting shy.

Rylan has only laughed minimal since this happening however we are dedicated to having him laugh when his grandma comes this week. Rylan's grandma has not seen him in person for over 3 months now so this week will be a great change for her.



Woo hoo! Contratulations! Contageous laughter is one of the best parts of parenthood.

Written by Jared on Jan 31, 2006

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