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Smart little boy

Written on January 4, 2006 by Kevin.

Everyone knows the scene, the baby is crying because they have just pooped or pee'd. Regardless of the amount, babies will cry like there is no tomorrow. Now picture this, you have an almost guaranteed way to quiet a baby down. Would you tell everyone or keep it to yourself? I have decided to tell everyone.

I have found recently that when Rylan is crying because he needs a diaper change, a simple human to human respect can do a lot. Many people may think that babies are simply dumb and it takes years for them to show any intelligence. I find this hard to believe when I can get Rylan to calm down by talking with him in such a way that he feels like a person, not just a baby.

I lay Rylan down on the changing table and as he cries, I tell him what I am doing. I get the diaper and wipes ready and proceed to show him the diaper. Just about every time I do this, he calms down and lets me change the diaper. Why is this? Babies are just like everyone else and they need respect. I give Rylan the respect and communication that he wants and he gives me a moment to change him. He even goes as far as smiling at the diaper. It seems so much like he understands that his diaper will be changed and that his crying is no longer necessary. It seems this way because it is most likely true.

I have come to believe that the more respect you give a baby, the happier everyone will be.


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