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Teething has arrived.

Written on January 26, 2006 by Kevin.

We have been noticing for about a month now that Rylan has been drooling quite a bit and definitely has been chewing on his hand more often. My wife spotted a white spot on his gums which we figured was the beginning stages of a tooth coming to surface.

Rylan is now into another phase of his life, teething. The stage in life that seems to be a great thing but can certainly be a bad one as well. Great because you get to see your child progress and get their first tooth and bad because it may take months to get there. Months with your child in potential pain. You can certainly tell that something is going on with Rylan because at times, he can become very fussy when in the past, he was not.

We had to make a trip to the doctor recently due to a bump that Rylan got on his head. We wanted to make sure that everything was OK even though no blood was spilled. After good word that he would be OK, we asked about him teething and the doctor was able to confirm it. She however spotted the tooth in a different area of his mouth than my wife originally noticed.

We now have about 5 different teething toys to keep Rylan's gums occupied and it does seem to help a bit. The main problem is that while he likes it, he cannot always keep it in his mouth which results in him crying. I am curious to see what other parents found that worked with the teething. We have the toys that you can freeze and others that are simply fabric. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Addition: I forgot to mention that we are currently using childrens tylenol and teething tablets. We were suggeted by a few people to try teething biscuits but the ones we purchased are for older children it seems.


I used children's tylenol when my kids were really really in pain. The lady I babysit for uses Baby Orajel. You just rub it on their gums. I don't know how well it works but it's probably worth trying out. One of my friend's also recommended teething tablets. They're really tiny and you just put them in their mouth and they dissolve quickly. I believe she said she got them at either Walmart or Kmart but I can't remember the brand name...

I have updated the post with additional information. -Kevin

Written by Julie on Jan 26, 2006

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